Spike Profits with Mobile Advantage

From social media to video conferencing, the world is literally on mobile today.

While the penetration of internet is influencing mobile commerce on consumer segment, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon is dominating the business environment.

Since mobile data is shared and exchanged in micro-second speed, enterprises need secure yet cost effective Mobility solutions. SAP’s Mobility solutions are specifically devised for businesses to give the absolute power of controlling, retrieving & sharing the data whenever and wherever needed, backed by fool-proof security.


Differentiate your marquee by better engagement

  • Improves customer segmentation and helps deliver personalized and cost-effective campaigns
  • Taps into real-time customer perceptions anytime, anywhere for increasing profit margins, bettering sales and improving pipeline performance
  • Enables proactive monitoring of campaigns and builds strong sales pipeline
  • Provides sales tools for swifter closure of deals, drives service revenue and expedites creative problem solving
  • Enhances customer retention and repeated business thereby boosting brand loyalty
  • Creates better understanding of customer sentiments and perceptions for serving them better

Our Offerings

Pinnacle offers mobility solutions using SAP Mobility Platform.

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