At the very heart of Pinnacle’s philosophy, is the core value of excellence, which is embedded in all systems and processes across the organization.

We have built a strong edifice instituted on unwavering tenets such as passion, perseverance and responsibility. Honesty, courage and wisdom, guide every aspect of our operational efficiency and define the very character of our company. These traits in turn induce credibility to our resolve for excellence.

Objectivity and creativity in all decisions and endeavors make Pinnacle Enterprise Solutions a corporate success story, rooted in the collective accomplishments of its people.


What drives us

At Pinnacle, we consider ourselves business improvement specialists. We understand the reason you are reading this is that you have, or foresee a business problem and you’re seeking out a reliable and sustainable solution.  We believe that simply implementing new software is not a cure-all; sustainable solutions that meet your business needs today whilst supporting future endeavors requires a holistic approach which factors in the unique aspects of your individual business.

At Pinnacle, we take the time to understand your uniqueness, and tailor our solutions to meet your operational and strategic needs.  We also understand your perspective as a key stakeholder, and accountability as a decision maker in your organization.  We know that the most important aspect of your software purchase decision is that there is a return on investment: it either has to solve a problem, make processes more efficient or both.  By partnering with Pinnacle, you can rest assured you have a partner who understands your business.

What we dovalue-for-money

We are business improvement specialists that improve small medium business processes through the use of best of breed software and well established implementation methodologies. We provide solutions that fit your specific needs.


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